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Capitalism and Climate Change

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I found the three articles to be very interesting and informative. I have never associated climate change with capitalism before.  I am now looking at climate change with a new light. I have always thought climate change was due to global warming caused by greenhouse gases  but never really considered the source (capitalism) of these gases. There seems to be a correlation between emissions and the economy. There is a war between our economic system and our planetary system. I'm curious as to how we can change our economic model to cure climate change without causing more catastrophes in the market logic of competition and domination among other economies. 

"Yes, there will be things we will lose, luxuries some of us will have to give up, whole industires that will disapper. And it's too late to  stop climate change from coming; it is already here, and increasingly brutal disasters are headed our way no matter what we do. But it's not too late to avert the worst and here is still tme to change ourselves so that we are far less brutal to one another when those disaster strike. And that, it eems to me, is worth a great deal." (28 Naomi)

The passage above is a little uncomforting. It makes me feel like we're about to have a zombie apocalypse.
I think the truth is quite sad. The effects of climate change are cumulative and grow more severe over time. There isn't much we could do to reverse climate change, but we can change our mindset on how we handle the effects if climate change as it comes.  


Science helps us undertand climate change
Economics help us tackle climate change  

"The battle wasn't about science, but economcs..." (Dreifus)
"All that's needed are some smart policy changes. These will create new job opportunities;
the economy will continye to grow; and Americancs wll be, both ecologically and financially, better off..."(Kolbert)