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Broken Glass

asomeshwar's picture

I visited my location early on Thursday and was slightly saddened to find that it had been tarnished by broken beer bottles and cigarette stubs. I was looking forward to returning to the area that for the last two weeks had been my place of refuge. All the emotions and feelings that had been building up throughout the week seemed to rush to my brain all at once and I couldn't decide what exactly I was feeling. It seemed unreasonable for me to be so annoyed and upset by the fact that my spot had a couple broken glass pieces but it made me feel weird to think about other people not using the location the way I was.The rest of my surroundings seemed the same though. The trees opposite the balcony  were undisturbed, the snow was still as icy as before, and the wind was howling as usual. I decided to give up feeling blue about the whole thing and tried to clean things up (but that failed miserably because the glass pieces had wedged themselves into the ice that had slightly melted the previous day. 

By then, I was sort of peeved by a multitude of things so I sat down (on the ice), and started categorizing all the reasons I was upset. It's sort of weird how everytime I'm surrounded by nature and peace and quiet, I always end up reflecting on my own emotions rather than my surroundings.