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All Roads Lead to Fokir

All Roads Lead to Fokir

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In my mind, Fokir is the sole character who had connections with every other character in the novel. In class on Tuesday when Maddie and I discussed his role in the novel and how much of a pivotal character he is, we came to the conclusion that we felt that he was the central emotional character of the novel. Even though his voice wasn't portrayed often, he's intertwined in the lives of all the other characters and his story is demonstrated in that manner.

During the scene when Kanai is taken to the Garjontola by Fokir, it seems that Ghosh wants the rest of the characters' perceptions of Fokir to change. Ghosh demonstrates that despite Kanai's vast linguistic knowledge, his inability to be quick on his feet causes him to freeze when he's left stranged on an island. The only time he's able to view Fokir in a similar light to how the audience views him is when he sees Fokir escaping the tiger and has sudden new found respect for him.

I really appreciated Ghosh's decision to show Fokir in a new light to the characters within the book because it felt like they were finally getting to see him in the same way we (as readers) were able to - his strengths were highlighted. And although he had many weaknesses, because such empathy was felt for him, a lot of those weaknesses were disregarded. At least for me, the entire time Moyna showed her frustration for Fokir, I was more annoyed with her than with Fokir because I was also able to see how incredible he was not only with his son but also in navigating with Piya.

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