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Field notes

Sophie Field Notes 2/19

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Today was my first real visit to a first grade classroom at XX School.  Here are some notes and observations:


The school feels more like a large house to me, than a school.  It is homey and comfortbale, and warm. Susan's classroom is actuallly pretty big, and broken up into two sections.  One half seems more casual and activity based and the other is more learning based with tables.  There is a turtle in teh classroom named Shelley.  I actually feel kind of bad for it because it is pretty big and it's tank is pretty small.  I think it is more important to teach kids about respecting animals and their wild habitats and taking field trips to see them instead of having them in cages.

The Students:

Essay 1- Why the Chicken Dance Terrifies Me

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Why the Chicken Dance Terrifies Me

A true account by Amanda Dennis

Table of Contents

      I.          A Lesson on How to Play Nice in the Pop-up Tent (Pages 1-37)

    II.          Ten Reasons Why the Chicken Dance is Even Scarier than Monster’s Inc. (Pages 38-62)

  III.          How Chelsea Bana’s Trainer Bra Made Her Cooler than Everyone (Pages 63-104)

  IV.          The Intentionally Forgotten Dark Days of Acne and Sparkly Blue Eyeshadow (Pages 105-138)

    V.          Building a Transcript That Will Get You College Acceptance and Insomnia (Pages 139-169)