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Sophie Field Notes 2/26

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I had my second visit at the XX school today.  I came earlier this time at 10:30 and I stayed until 12:00.  I got to see math and a little bit of poetry.

I really enjoyed being there for math.  They weren't really larning a lesson that day but they were supposed to be working on a packet.  I got to mill around and help.  grace seemed to be struggling a little bit so I helped her a lot.  It was so satisfying when I helped someone and they finally got it.  I tried not to just give them the answer but to help them get there.  It is interesting becuase some kids I offered to help were totally fine and didn't need it and others really latched on and liked having me by their side.  I noticed that becuase it is such a small class and the student/teacher ratio is so small, that the kids never really needed to raise their hands if they need help.  After the independent packet work, Susan gathered them on the rug and together they went over some of the paket.  

I really liked this part becuase it gave kids the change to teach their peers and to learn from the,.  Susan went around the circle and called on some kids even when they didn't raise their hands.  I didn't really like this because even today I don't really like being called on when I don't raise my hand.  Of course I don't fully know the culture of the classroom yet so maybe the kids do feel comfortable with that.

One thing I really like about this placement is that I am able to be very involved.  I think I am getting more out of it than I would just observing.  When the students were at recess I talked with Susan about the class. I asked her my question about Viola and she said to give it time, (Viola was absent today), and if the behavior is the same, then to say something to her about it.