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Race? and Disability

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  • I found it interesting that the two news articles used the experience of "white" American people. Although that these articles are useful in exploring how disability is discussed in society I think that it is important to not the racial concerns in disability. There are many other races/ethnicities with people with disabilities, but I don't think is discussed as much. There seems to be a racial disaparity in disabilities.
  • I found this article released by the World Health Organization and on page 5 there's a diagram ("Representation of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health"). And one of the main factors discussed with the diagram is the envirometal factors that contribute to that affect activities of people with a health disease or disorder. The "enviromental factors include: products and technology; the natural and built enviroment; support and relationships; attitudes; and services, systems, and policies." WHO states that the ICF (International Classification of Functioning) is universal because it treats "disability as a continuum" and doesn't categorize people with disabilities.
  • I found this statement interesting in the article in relation to hegomy. "However, policy-making and service delivery might require thresholds to be set for impairment severity, activity limitations, or participation restriction. It is useful for a range of purposes – research, surveillance, and reporting – related to describing and measuring health and disability, including: assessing individual functioning, goal setting, treatment, and monitoring; measuring outcomes and evaluating services; determining eligibility for welfare benefits; and developing health and disability survey." It just really makes me wonder what policy-makers are doing to improve the quality of people with disabilities. Of course there is the article we read by Holingsworth that shows that more intellectual disabled are going to college.  (