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Ideas on exhibit accessibility

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So as I was writing this, I actually saw that Sarah had already gone through and done a much better job listing them out. Most of my commentary is building off of others, so most of the bulk of my post is in comments today.

In our promotional materials, I want to make sure that we're checking everything for technological accessibility. PDFs tend to be one of the more universal formats from what I understand, and I know people we can check this with. 

For me, I'd really like to see us do the stoplight system of communication for our opening, as Sula mentioned. It seems like something that might be extra helpful as an accessibility measure for both us, and the CCW participants (who in some cases have disabilities that can make certain kinds of social interaction difficult. It's also something that is highly comprehensible (unlike my writing style!). We can easily do this with notecards--and I just saw some at RiteAid the other day that we can even use. The one thing I'm wondering is how we could translate this for visually impaired people, could use some help on brainstorming this. 

Question: are we going to be having catering at the exhibition opening? If so, I would like to make sure we have allergens labeled, as well as a person who can help with food for people who can't read.