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Disability Awareness Month more this week....

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Just an FYI for you all!

Can't wait to see you at the talk in a little under an hour!

This Wednesday, Prof. Leslie Rescorla is giving a talk on evidence-based strategies for coping with depression & anxiety at BMC. FB event here:

Thursday night I'm hosting a screening of FIXED: the Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement. It's a fantastic documentary about the intersection of disability and technology.

Friday, I'm going to be giving a talk at BMC in Dalton 119 from 12-1:30 (lunch provided) called "Illness, Impairment, Injury: Complicating What Disability Means". Here's the blurb:

"Do you shudder when you think of being disabled? 
Come to this introductory talk & discussion to understand this critical human rights issue and empower yourself against fear. 
Broaden and deepen your perspectives on how disability means, inclusively and intersectionally, get new terms to think with, and come away with an expanded point of view.
Facilitated by Niki Barker '16." 

Hope you all might be able to make some!

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you all this evening!