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So many thoughts (and also kinda a response to "Fixed")

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Our readings covered such an expansive set of questions and ideas that it's almost impossible for me to know where to begin this reflection. It's also almost impossible for me to believe that everyone isn't having these conversations. These topics (COVID, genetic editing, "cures"), are clearly so, so important, in an incredibly urgent and quotidian way- while gene editing seems like a distant possibility, it is not, and triaging plans are being developed as I type. So, why are these conversations only happening in my disability studies class? (I prefaced this thought by saying it is "almost" impossible for me to believe that more people are not concerning themselves with immediately engaging in nuanced conversations about disability in a global pandemic because the obvious barriers, ableism and erasure, are, unfortunately, all too easy to believe.) 

Outside of meta-thoughts about the breadth of our readings, I am particularly drawn to the question of what makes us human posed by the film "Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement". This question should not be rhetorical nor should it be taken lightly- I clearly have a lot of thinking to do before I can pose a full answer. However, my initial reaction is that humanity is caring- I loved being reminded by Elliot Kukla that "disabled and sick people already know that stillness can be caring". I appreciate the reminder that "caring" does not look one way. Humanity, too, does not look one way. (So, my tentative answer to  transhumanists and like-minded folks would be that pursuing equality through sameness is the surest way to move away from humanity.) Curious to hear what others think!