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Reflection from 1/28

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Post a question about or reflection on some aspect of the reading from either last week or this week. We won't be able to discuss everything in class, but your posts will give us some places to begin and Serendip can provide a space to discuss things we don't get to in class. 

Last class we had a discussion on people manipulating disability to benefit their own life. This involves dramatasizing the emotional or physical hardships of their disability, or extending the term "definition" of disability in an inappropriate manner. We used the example of emotional support animals, and how certain airlines now require customers to provide extensive documentation before they allow an emotional support animal onboard as a result of people (who just want their pet on board without a charge) absuing the benefits of disability. There is a sense of "fakeness" and hyper regulation in disabled communities that I think is really problematic. Not only does it standardize disability, but also illuminates the reality that people DO exploit disability services. I'm conflicted on where I stand because I do not agree that disability ought to be systematized due to its detrimental effects in legislation, however; when people abuse disability services, it can also not be tolerated. For people who hold a strong stance on either side, can you help me understand your perspective?