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Real Communism Dun Dun

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*Many apologies, the I copied and pasted the wrong writing sample from a word document the first time. This is the same thought just more fleshed out

I found it really interesting that the book discussed disibility as a side effect of capitalism. I’d be interested to see how communist doctrines approach the subject of disability. Marx classified homeless populations as lumen however there are high disability rates in homeless communities. At the same time though, social theory on disability is based on Marx’s interpretation that society is responsible for individual burdens.  Does communism provide a more accesible economic model for individuals with disabilities? If not, what economic models do? The reading discussed how indigenous communities in North America didn’t even identify disability as a concept because they were always able to find a valuable attribute in every individual. If our current society only values production though, where does that leave members who cannot produce, in the manner we want them to? I don’t think suggesting that we  collapse our economy and adopt Native American forms of living is a productive contribution, however I can’t see a way in which our current economy can reform to be non-discriminatory towards individuals with disabilities. Perhaps the rise of digital professions will provide more opportunities, however these jobs can’t replace  other professions that require certain physical skills. Maybe then the answer lies in deglorifying professions that aren’t as accesible to individuals with disabilities. We idealize physicians, Wall Street workers, etc. without acknowledging that all though individals with disabilities can do these professions, they are more difficult to enter because of inaccessible working conditions and discriminatory hiring practices. 


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