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Midterm: The High Price of an Autonomous Life: A Discussion on the Financial Factors that Affect Full Autonomy within the Deaf-Blind Community

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This was a really cool population to learn about! I definitely am not particularly familiar with the deaf-blind, so I appreciate how you've expanded my understanding of this community and their specific accessibility needs. Learning about particular technologies and accessibility features, such as the invention of an entire language, is super interesting and affirms that accessibility can, and must, look a lot of different ways and expand across multiple modalities. I also appreciated how you framed finance as a critical point of accessibility; rather than lacking methods for accessibility, disabled folks may merely be lacking the resources to acquire these accessibility mechanisms. This is a pretty upsetting reality, and I'd be curious to hear your take on how politics intersects with the financial experiences of the deaf-blind or if there were any other potential solutions you came across while writing this paper.