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2/4/20 Post: Thinking About Disability on Campus & History of Campus

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I think something helpful to understanding disability in daily life that I've been doing as work for my other class is campus auditing for disability. Copying a project conducted at Vanderbuilt University by the disability studies professor there, we were assigned to look at a building and "audit" it for how approachable it is to disabled individuals. Guild Hall on Bryn Mawr's campus is the home of the dean offices and access services for anyone who needs them so it made sense to audit this building. To include historical context, Bryn Mawr was founded in 1885 for white wealthy women to attend a prestigous institution. From the beginning, buildings here were not built or made with disability in mind, let alone anyone outside of that original student description in mind. Some of the rooms here literally have maids quarters for students to bring their maids to school and have them live on closet sized rooms which is disabiling for anyone. But for Guild, it was recently re built to include spaces that are wheelchair accessible, and nuerological diversity with fidget spinner spaces, an elevator, and more. This space is unique though to campus because a lot of other buildings are still majority the original spaces that are not disability friendly. Thinking about the buolt environment a lot this week.