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So now we're going to try out another format--the book page!
This book is going to be about theoretically prodding the questions of the digital curriculum.
One way in might be Katherine Hayles' "How we Read," first pubished in the ADE Bulletin in 2010.
What do we think of her claims? How are we learning to read? To read differently on/in the web??


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looking at this piece from 2010, which is making me think back to some pieces i've read and taught in literacy studies, it's amazing to me how drastically and, i think, deeply the kinds of questions we can/do ask about reading have changed.

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and i'm thinking it would be pretty cool and interesting for a class to take up some of the more compelling questions about reading via the incredibly in-motion online possibilities and study our own habits, processes, thinking and learning as readers over the course of a semester...