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Sadie Kim's Mid-Term Project!

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Hi All! I am doing a critical disability studies zine for my mid-term project. There a still a handful of other ideas I want to incoprorate and am thinking about how to thoughtfully show through my zine. For now, here is a first draft of some of the pages of my zine -- I am super excited to be sharing this and really looking forward to hearing any and all feedback. So far, I have a few pieces of writing including an open invitation for readers and an ode to space. The other ones are pieces of art I have tried to curate that expresses my thoughts towards using space as a tool of understanding, engaging with ideas, and learning. 

As a re-iteration, my intent behind my zine is to provide a safe space for people to engage with ideas surrounding disability studies history - both the happier and the darker parts of history. I am drawing upon mostly our conversations in class and resources provided through Kristin, but I have decided that the points in history I want to provide in my timeline is the spatilaity of eugenics(how it continues to weave its way into contemporary discourse despite emerging in the late 19th century) and milestone activism that brings the light/progress into perspective. 

Questions/Worries so far: 

1. Ideas on how many pages would be good? 

2. Debating putting a QR code for a couple of podcasts I found interesting/drawing inspiration from? Should I include my own thoughts or ask questions/leave space for readers to respond on their own time. Thoughts on an interactive part of this -- like a fill in the blank or a game, or even just blank space for one's own thoughts. 

Something I am worrying about is that I do not want this just to become a streamline of just my opinions -- I want to include a bunch of different ideas/perspectives including the readers which is why I am thinking about how I can include the ideas/thoughts of readers while they are engaging with the zine(ie interactive page). 

3. Considering including a COVID-19 part in thinking about how public health policy at times has eugenic undertones or philosophy underlying the statement and treatment plans? I feel like it is relevant but also feels a bit like a stretch at the same time. 

4. Any suggestions for making it more accessible? Keeping in mind font size, font style, colors -- other suggestions?

5. Also, I do not think I am in love with my title so if anybody has any feedback on that I would love to hear!

Link to Canva: 

If the link is not working, I have attached a PDF form of my pages thus far.

Also as a side note, page 8 is entirely unfinished because I am still deciding on which historical events to include and balancing both the dark and light parts of history. 

Thank you for your time!!! Hope everyone is having a restful Sunday.



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This looks incredible so far! I really love the way you depicted your central theme of space throughout the works, and I think the aethetic is really strong. I think having an interactive component like listening to podcast would be really great because it would allow for readers to engage with the zine even when they aren't actively reading it. It would be really interesting to hear more on your experience with space during COVID, along with the policy that altered the spaces we used to inhabit before the pandemic. Also, I didn't even realize page 8 was unfinished haha, I thought it was just a lovely drawing that works really well on its own too. I wonder for your current title what you are suggestion is "[un]said".

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Hi Sadie,

I think your project looks super great!! I think the theme worked well for depicting the desired information and the zine was put together in a very creative way. In regard to your questions I think the current amount of pages works well but more pages can be added if you want to focus on adding more information. Additionally, I think adding some info about COVID-19 would be really interesting because it is a more recent example of the ways that our system is still failiing so you would be able to directly point that out.