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Reflections on "Crip Camp" and Museums

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I really appreciated watching "Crip Camp", especially in the context of this class. I watched this movie in high school, also for a disability studies unit in class, and I remember being shocked that this was the first time I had learned about the disability justice movement through disabled people. Most of my previous knowledge was limited, and what I did know was explanations from teachers and from reading the ADA, most of which was presented by non-disabled people. "Crip Camp" provides a story of the disability justice movement from the disabled leaders, and is one of he only resources that I think really does that. 

In my research on the movie, I found that the movie's website (which seems to have been created by the movie's producers) includes lesson plans for what seems like high-school aged students on the movie. I'm including the link to these lesson plans below. I thought they provided really important context to the movie and discussed the role of media literacy and power in the film. 

On a completely different note, I found this exhibition in Philadelphia on the stories and files of the previous institution for disabled people, known as Pensenhurst. The exhibit was created by a group of disabled people, including some former residents of the institution. It explores some of the history of Pensenhurt with a focus on the humanity of the residents there. I know one of the creators who is focusing on the accessibility of the exhibit, and I think there might be some cool ideas for our own exhibit there. It is only open from Friday-Sunday this weekend, but definitely check it out if you have the chance!





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Thanks for seconding my recommendation, Brisa! If anyone would like to attend and needs a SEPTA pass, let me know in class Thursday!