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Katherine Hong Midterm

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Hi everyone! Below is my comic, alt text, and reflection.


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Hi Katherine! This was a fantastic project and I enjoyed reading and exploring all of the details so much! Something that I think makes your project stand out is how engaging it is! I have always loved art! I think it's so important as it tells a story not only within the picture but also many times about the author too. You created not only the artwork but also included a story along with it. Something that I think is really special about this piece is the little details you included whether it be drawings themselves, what you call your mother and father, or included Natt's words. I learned so much and am honestly so excited to see what you come up with for the final! 

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Katherine! Wow! This comic book that you put together is stunning. I am truly amazed by your drawings, the raw and important content that you convey, and, as a person with a sister, how you were able to have such a meaningful conversation together. The illustrations really elucidate the ideas that you and Natt are trying to share. There is so much power in your drawings, as it takes your sister's thoughts of being invisible and makes them beyond just visible and makes them incredibly visually interesting. 

The idea that caught my eye the most was the analogy that accomodations are like an amusement park ride. The accompaning illustration of the "must be at least this disabled to be disabled" sign is genius ("IDK Disabled" is very funny). You and your sister infuse this comic with humor in such a special way. Finally, the take away message was so useful: we can and should treat people with disabilities normally, while still exhibiting extraordinary understanding. 

Thank you for sharing!


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Hi Katherine!

I'm just now getting to look at everyone's midterms haha :)

I really appreciated the way you were able to convey a casual conversation. I think sometimes people feel that talking about disability has to be serious or formal. But as you showed so well, talking about disability can happen between siblings, friends, and people where easy conversation can just happen without any weird expectations for how the conversation is "supposed" to go. You did a really good job of portraying your sister's thoughts about her spina bifida. She is so clearly a regular person trying to figure out her relationship with her disability and how to interact with a world that views disabilities as bad and strange. I think informal, personal representations of disability are the most helpful for me and probably others to understand the humanity that lies within disability; we can learn and talk about disibilities in academia as much as we want but we miss out on the human side of things!

Really cool project, nice work!


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Hi Katherine,

Your comic book is so amazing and engaging - I felt like I was right there with you both. I think all of the details you included throughout the comic to convey to the reader that not all disabilities are perceivable, and the issues that arise from the common perception that they are, was really clever. I especially liked the part where you mentioned the difficulty of balancing privacy but also letting certain people know enough about the disability. The amusement park analogy really helped me understand your sister's frustration, too. Overall, I think the message is really powerful, and your artwork is amazing. I hope many others have the chance to engage with your work, because I learned a lot. I'm excited to see what you will do for your final project!