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Midterm: An Informational Approach to Henry Goddard

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Copy and paste this link into your browser in order to access my midterm, please comment here what you think! This is my first time writing an academic essay in plain language, I hope this gives you plenty of new interesting information!


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Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing this really informative article! It was very interesting to learn about just how broad of an impact Goddard had - I didn't realize that he played such a significant role in making IQ tests a common practice in schools. I appreciate how your article is clearly broken up into different sections with headings that help give us a sense of what to expect next. I'm a big fan of headings because I find they make it a lot easier to navigate and orient yourself in a text as well as help break text into more digestible chunks. I also appreciate that you included a plain language version of the quote from The Minnesota Governor's Council. One thing I would've loved to have also had was plain language versions of the quotes included in the "Quotes from Henry Goddard’s Book" section, especially since Goddard uses a lot of obscure words like phlegmatic. It's great that you're shining a light on the impact Goddard had on the education system, immigration policies, and on furthering ableist thinking more broadly, even if Haverford has yet to. Thanks again for sharing! :)

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I really enjoyed reading your essay! Everything was explained in a clear and understandable way while still being detailed and thorough. I had no idea that Henry Goddard was a Haverford graduate so I’m really glad you chose to write a section about that! The section of Goddard’s quotes was a great addition – it’s shocking to read how ableist his writings were. It also was very interesting to hear about how his work affected the treatment of other marginalized communities and propagated racist, anti-semitic, and anti-immigrant sentiments. His work unfortunately had a significant impact on perceptions of these groups and it's easy to see how it has affected policies in the present day. I also thought it was a great idea to have plain language versions of the quotes written at the end of the section. Terrific job!

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Great job, Sarah! I thought that your paper was highly informative, and the manner in whcih you explained it was incredibly thorough while also being very approchable. I think that this school (unfortunately) has a lot of alumni that should be viewed through a highly critical lens, and I'm really happy that you were able to do that with Goddard! Great work as always :)

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I found your essay extremely interesting.  I was unaware of how much Goddard has impacted the US education system.  IQ tests are still often used to determine eligibility for gifted programs in many public schools.  Knowing about the history of this is important for improving the future.  Great job