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Midterm: (Re)imagining Dance and Movement

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Hi everyone! Below is a link to my midterm project. It's a website that explores how disabled artists are (re)imagining and expanding what dance, access, and embodiment mean. Hope you enjoy, and any feedback you have is welcome!


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Maya, your website is truly amazing and I am in total awe! It is so incredibly well structured and use friendly, I love the incorpataion of links and definitions throughout the website. I loved reading about all of the different disabled artists involved in dance, and am thankful that you brought this information to me! This website should defintely be seen by people, as it is so imformative and showcases powerful disabled dancers and the like, as well as social issues involving dance, disability, and the ADA.

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Hi Maya!

I really like the layout of your website! Simply, everything makes sense, and there are no confusing links or other navigation issues whatsoever! Having the home page define a list of words was helpful for me in order to understand the rest of the sections. Also liked the alt text under the pictures of the artists. I really enjoyed reading about the different types of performances by disabled artists, showing how dance shouldn't be classified using nondisabled notions of movement.

hlogue's picture

Hi Maya,

You made a really beautiful project! I think you achieved the right level of depth and breadth in your project. Your image descritptions were a great addition to your project and made the website even more user friendly. You're clearly invested in this topic and so even the more informational parts of the project felt personal. I appreciated your emphasis on not just changing dance and movement but rather changing the way we percieve and view dance and movement. I think this connects really well to disability justice and makes your project not just informative but also self-reflection and thought provoking. 

I really enjoyed engaging with your project, nice work!


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Hi Maya,

Thank you for sharing your website; it looks amazing and I thought it was organized really well! I liked how you highlighted quotes from academic resources, but also incorporated your own thoughts/analysis, content from social media, multimedia, etc. I think it gave your midterm topic a lot of depth and nuance, and made it accessible to everyone. Overall, the topic of your midterm was very interesting to me because it was all new (I am not much of a dancer or immersed in the dance world). However, I appreciated that even as someone who has little dance knowledge, it was really easy to follow. I will definitely be viewing dance in a new light, through a lens of access and disability. Thank you for making an awesome resource for us!