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robot brain evolution

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I submitted my final project html, but I don't see where they are going to be available for viewing. I hope a link is added so I read them all. Since a couple of people asked me to post the code from my project so they could fiddle with the robots, I posted my final project page (with links to the code) in my public folder. Hopefully, there's all the info you'd need to run it. Happy evolving!


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Your idea for a project was a great one...I can see it being applied to many areas, not only emergence. I haven't had a chance to actually play with your robots yet, but I wanted to comment on your project. It seems like such a success, and like something that you could theoretically take forward in other directions. It makes sense though, that evolved brains are less predictable, doesn't it? After all, look at us! People will constantly surprise you with their decisions in a moment of crisis; they will often think of innovative moves to make, moves that are outside of the norm. And will two people, faced with the same crisis, make the same decision? Most likely not. I think that the fact that you found them to be less predictable than programmed brains is a sure sign of success. Just wanted to say, I really enjoyed your presentation; it was really thought provoking. Thanks for putting up your code!
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Thanks, Julia! You make some great points. You should know that some of my code was based on work by another student that was posted in the Pyrobotics wiki. I'd love to know how you change that code and where it takes you, if you find time to play with it!