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Midterm Project

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Hello all! For my midterm project I created a website. It focuses on the human body and the societal expectations that surround what an "attractive" or "beautiful" body should look like. In my opinion and in my own experience, it feels as if one starts to lose control of their own body and with the conformity that some may be pressured into doing may feel like their body is not their own. I also included the work of Riva Lehrer and how her own work with disability challenhges this perspective and how her work highlights the beauty that is present in every single body. 


The link to the website is:

Have a nice break :)


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Marly, one of the things I really appreciate about your website is that the text is written using accessible language, especially when the questions you pose in "About" could easily be shrouded in terminology. Since everyone's bodies have been subjected to the evaluations and criticisms of others, accessibility of language allows for the topics to be communicated effectively to viewers. Additionally, I think that the question of body ownership is a very pertinent one to disability studies, since the social model of disability is many times fighting against a medical model in which disabled bodies are broken and in need of repair, no exceptions.

The feedback component, which encourages viewers to engage with and respond to the themes, is a very valuable part of viewing and experiencing the site. It prompted me to reflect more deeply on what you discussed, from my own personal history, and made it very clear that the questions you pose in "About" affect everyone, though in different ways. Thank you for sharing your own experiences with your body, because it opened my perspective to a realm of body critique which seems unique to athletes that's generally unfamiliar to be. I hope that you have a similar experience with the perspectives submitted by others, and maybe find a way to expand on your project using them if you so choose.

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Dear Marly,
Something that struck me about your midterm assignment was the format of the website itself. The different types of animated graphics, use of text and captions, and interactive components offered many ways for people to engage; in comparison to an essay or academic presentation, it was accessible to many kinds of learners. While looking through it, I was impressed by how you represented complex ideas in relatively digestible paragraphs, images, and descriptions. I also wondered what a fully-accessible website could look like, and how these different types of media can be used to make academia more accessible and equitable (what would it be like if instead of/ in addition to long, dense academic papers, journals published interactive websites or videos?).
In the content, I especially appreciated the discussion of your own body. I have a complicated relationship with my body and reading/seeing your “My Own Body” page made me feel less isolated in the concerns we share, while also illuminating insecurities that I am less familiar with (which, as Helena said, were often related to being an athlete). The page itself felt like a space where you were reclaiming your body -- making the narrative yours by sharing your fears and challenging them. The survey at the end of the website was also a useful space for reflection, and I hope they have been interesting for you to read.