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Midterm Art Project & Proposal: Tactile Art

tesshaas's picture

I have attached three documents:

1. The art portion of my midterm (two paintings & three large-scare embroidery projects).

2. A formal proposal for tactile programming at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

3. A marketing write-up of my tactile programming proposal at PAFA.


See everyone tomorrow!




Alison Love's picture

I found it really interesting that you created paintings, embroidery, and a proposal all together. I think the idea of tactility is under appreciated in many places and I wish that evey museum already had events like the one you are proposing. I appreciated the references you made to other artist and curriators who are making these kinds of exhibits to place your idea in a broader context/notion. The idea of tactility and how you proposed to bring it out of artwork commonly kept out of reach reminded me of some art education programs for children. As children, many people make art, but a lot of people stop as they grow up. I think that making art is such a tactile expereince it makes so much sense to experience other artists' work as tactile as well.