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Universal Design Learning Exploration

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Attached is my final "Web" for beginning to understand and explore Universal Design Learning, as well as some pictures from the process, as well as a "key" outlining my thought process and some key terms and quotes found in the web! You can view the images by dragging them to your desktop from the post - if that doesn't work, I've also uploaded them in the form of a Word doc!

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I really enjoyed how you opened your paper with a reflection on your own first impression and experience with UDL. I think putting UDL in the context of your experiences really builds on Jay Dolmages piece by giving relatable examples. In addition, using the concept map to lay out your thoughts on UDL helps to unify the many different ways of approaching how we should approach differences in the context of the classroom. I think this also does a excellent job of commenting on how teaching can often be seen as very inflexible and one dimensional, but by creating a web of ideas you show how there are many ways to reconfigure the classroom environment. I think it would be interesting to look to see if anyone has done a comparison between classrooms that implement UDL and classrooms that do not to see how the implementation of UDL impacts student performance. 

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I really appreciated how I could see how the form of your project took shape and how you led us through your thought process. This mirrors how UDL is intention and process-oriented rather than goal-oriented. I think it would be really interesting to see how your process would change after having taught full time.

I also loved when you said that you were asking the question, "What does it mean to effectively implement UDL?" out of curiosity and out of fear. I think it makes perfect sense to be scared because there's a lot at stake with this question. It seems like you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to be simultaneously educating students and working to dismantle structures that oppress disabled students. At the same time, we should all be trying to fight against academic ableism and disableism and I'm glad that you wrote that in as one of your goals as a teacher.

I loved your project!