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Midterm Project on Disability Pride/ Identity

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Attached in a word document is my mid-term project!





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This was really interesting to read! You included a lot of detail in several different types of writing that made the information more accessible than an essay that is strictly analysis. Your analysis tied the excerpts together nicely and the short anecdotes told a very personal yet relatable story. I really liked how you interspersed the personal anecdotes and left them as they were to be interpreted by the reader.

You make a really good point about visible and invisible disabilities with Gritz’s introduction where she discusses the way a physical disability can be invisible, especially when it presents as “mild.” Her experience also touches on the relationship between impairment and disability and gives insight into the way certain experiences can force a person to come out as disabled. This was a motivation for coming out that I had not really thought about before. I also thought it was interesting that you included two different opinions on disability pride from Penner and Caplan. These perspectives are important because it shows that the disabled community isn’t just one homogeneous group with identical beliefs. The disability as an identity has so many different meanings to people with a wide variety of experiences.