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Here is my project. Enjoy!

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Hey Julia,

I really enjoyed viewing and reading your project, and I just wanted to say that your artwork is so beautiful! I love how you emphasize subtle tone variations by using contrastive colors. I think it's awesome how you're focusing on pushing back against the boundary for what is considered a "normal" vs. "abnormal" use of hands while also emphasizing how all hands have a unique value that shouldn't be taken away. I also really like how your artwork strives to fight for the inclusion of hand movements as valid forms of communication and expression. This becomes especially important when we think about how sign languages are just as complex and valid as spoken languages. After interacting with your project, I've gained a greater awareness for how I use my hands and the importance of my hand movements. One thing I now realize that I haven't noticed before is how versatile my hand movements are for communication. For example, I use my hands for more formal modes of communication such as ASL or touch ASL, but I also use them to communicate ideas in writing, painting, drawing, and sculpting. I've also been noticing to a greater degree how I use handmovements to emphasize my ideas in presentations or in casual conversations. In addition, my hands also seem to have movements of their own to communicate when I'm stressed or nervous. In any case, hands are really important for expression and communication of ideas through many different modes.

Thanks for sharing,