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For my final paper, I would like to do more research on alternatives to no-excuses schools. My field placement could not operate further from the model of KIPP schools, because rules are generally relaxed so long as the students are taking responsibility for their academic work. For example, when students come to school late, there are no consequences so long as it doesn't interfere with their ability to turn in work on time. Additionally, I want to explore the project based model that my field placement school has. Unlike KIPP, progress at this school is measured by benchmark projects instead of testing. I would like to explore both the benefits and potential challenges for adopting this model. Ultimately, I will be exploring the implications for these types of schools as a potential strategy for change in city schools.


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This sounds like a productive and interesting focus for your final paper.  You might find that you want to focus on a particular aspect of this model, with an overview that gives context for multiple aspects.  I think you'll find quite a bit in the literature about the project based model, for example.  Keep in mind that you'll be grounding your broader investigation in your description of your field experiences, learning, and questions.