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Midterm Project: Evaluation of Peter Singer's Perceptions on the Disabled

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Attached is my midterm project. I hope you all enjoy the read! Have great breaks. 

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Hi Nicole!

I really enjoyed reading your project! I can feel your rational outrage throughout the whole essay, especially through the enlarged words (and I loved that!). I loved the way you took on the "more respectful approach" when analysing Peter Singer's ideologies. I really appreciated that you clearly defined "perception" and pointed out the differences between your perception and Peter Singer's in the very beginning of your essay, which really helped to make things clear and showed the going on of your "respectful appoach". I also really appreciated that when you are analysing Peter Singer's points you emphasized your background in natural sciences and explained your perception on human being and "persons". I think you took a great path in your project of expressing the rage and responding Peter Singer's ideology. 

Rae Yuan