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Stream of Thought

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As I write this reflection, I am extremely cognizant of what I am writing, who will be reading it, and all the uncertainty surrounding what exactly this means. I am going to try to write the rest of this piece in the surrealist form that Morell highlighted in his piece. Or rather, a watered down surrealist writing or stream of consciousness. Who are the eyes? Who should be reading this reflective writing? Who is reading this reflective writing? Will I revisit this writing again and when I do, will look at the content or the poor grammar and the awkward spelling. What does it mean to authentically reflect? I want to own this writing, but is it true ownership without my name? A pseudonym creates dishonesty between the reader and writer. When we write about our placements there is an inherent dishonesty because of the pseudonyms, but it could be argued that there is inherent dishonesty in all writing because no one person holds the truth.The pseudonym may be dishonest, but I am learning to own it, own my presentation of these people, my characterization of these people. I am learning to own myself. What will I learn about myself as we continue.. you... you.. you...All writing is performance. Who am I performing for?

I am writing myself into existence. 


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I like this great thought