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Tuesday breezed by without me posting an updat eon the state of my paper. Things are oving along. I keep going back and forth between the ways I want to address double consciousness. I want it to be rooted in Black aesthetics/studies that seek to imagine a boundless reality instead of traditional disciplinary work that is conclusive. The conclusive nature of traditional disciplinary work (@BMC) recreates a colonial mindset. It is about promoting a sense of dominance through an ownership of knowledge that is finite. 

I started reading bell hooks' Engaged Pedagogy: A Transgressive Education for Critical Consciousness as a suggestion made by Anne. I am trying to focus my sights on a project that I will walk away feeling proud of. I want a project that feels conclusive to this whirlwind of a semester. 


Cheers to the end y'all. 


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so, Liv, what I'm seeing now it that you are wanting to use the concept of double consciousness to challenge trad'l, conclusive, colonialist, dominating disciplinary work. Quite a few folks have written about the intersection of critical pedagogy and double consciousness, if you want to track some of this. Along with the chapter on Freire in hooks' book, you might check out, for instance,

"Race, Schooling and Double Consciousness: The Politics of Pedagogy in Toni Morrison's Fiction":

"A DuBoisian Approach: How Does Double Consciousness Manifest in the Experiences of Black Males in an Urban Teacher Preparation Program":

"How shall we sing our sacred song in a strange land?
The dilemma of double consciousness and the complexities of an African-centered pedagogy":

There's much more where this came from, if you are interested!
So looking forward to seeing where this goes,A.