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Steps Toward Independent Study

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I started reading A Country Called Prison: Mass incarceration and the Making of a New Nation by Mary D. Looman, John D. Carl. I plan on reading 90 pages for each Tuesday and 90 pages for each Thursday. At this rate, I plan on finishing the book by December 6th.  I plan on writing a posting every Tuesday and Thursday about what I’ve read. This posting will describe a part of the reading I found interesting as well as connect it to other readings, discussions, or ideas we’ve had in these three classes or others that I find relevant. I am also going to write a paper analyzing how hair is used, described, and its many significations in Americanah, which I will turn in on December 16th. I plan on incorporating some of my own struggles with hair as well as some historical analysis of locks.


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The Unknown--
I'm appreciating the doubled project you laid out when we talked last week, and looking forward to your bi-weekly updates on A Country Called Prison. Have you also seen Thirteenth? I watched it this weekend, would like to talk it through with you as the way emerges.

Speaking of visuals, for the other part of your project you might well want to check out the August 2016 Channel 4 News interview with Adichie, speaking about how natural hair is political for black women: