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rep and rev

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our group didnt come up with anything in terms of how we would act it out, i would also say it was difficult for us to pick a passge because we were all concernced about particular themes. we paid close attention the "makings of a man" in passages from dill, and laz. but also paid close attention the commodifying of material objects and money to value things. in terms of teddy always talking about losing his church and the multiple things he compares that too.


we focused on

teddys chaper pg. 180 




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we had difficulty articulating the intersections of class and gender and sexuality. we mainly focused on passages from pg. 180 and pg. 223, which were about roosevelt losing his church. on pg. 180, he describes the loss of his church in material, spiritual, and emotional forms. on pg. 223 the loss of his church is equated to what roosevelt thinks a woman losing her virginity is like: "A gal stars as a virgin and then one day she loses her church. Maybe it's the same with a man losing his church." we attempted to contextualize the gendered concept of virginity with the multilayered ownership of the church/connection to the church. we thought there might be intersections in the limited way roosevelt lets himself experience loss, which might be exemplified through his comparison of his church with a woman's virginity.