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Grand Unification Theory

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I just read through wikipedia's entry on emergence, and wanted to recommend it. There's a section explaining emergence in physics - phenomenon such as color and temperature are emergent properties of lower-level conditions that don't display those qualities but create them on a larger scale. Fascinating stuff. Anyway, it comes close to but doesn't actually say something I was thinking as I read through this section: that emergence might explain why Einstein's Grand Unification Theory has been so elusive. Emergence in physical laws would explain why quantum physics governs particles, why electromagnetic & weak forces govern atoms (composed of particles), and why mechanical laws govern larger bodies composed of those atoms. I am by no means a physicist (it's more of a passing interest), but it did seem to me that studying emergent phenomenon in the field of physics might shed a lot of light on that pursuit.


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I think people and physics will always be chasing god but never quite catching up! There will always be plenty of forensic evidence left everywhere by god. However I believe it is up to us to enterpret such results and to essentially decode them via some sort of abstract model(s). This of course has already started with the Lorenz waterwheel, butterfly affect, strange attractors, etc. I don't believe our existing mathmatical systems are enough. Problems with our math currently are: 1) precision - Our math is nowhere as precise at it should be. Our systems are good but struggle on the simplist of chaotic equations. 2) infinity - Our math and measurement problems with infinity may never be solved. This will always have implications on physics. Our equations for dealing with infinity are weak at best. 3) assumption - Our math assumes, therefore it is wrong. 4) probability - Probability is man made. The odds you will flip a coin and it will land on heads are 1 out of 2. The true fact is that you could flip the coin 30 times and it cold land on heads 28 times. Probability is no guarantee even in known physical systems as they are encapsulated by larger chaotic ones.
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The flaw in science is measure. Measure has no certainty. Simply remove the uncertainty from any equation and see for yourself what remains. The certainty of the speed of light stopped Einstein from the truth. The solution to GU is equality. Equality unites all things. Life without measure is equal, united and free! Try it and you will see. At the center of any equation is the truth.