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Accessibility During--And After--The Exhibition

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My idea about making the exhibition more accessible relates to how to make it accessible to those who are not able to attend the event. I am assuming there are going to be many pictures taken, and, along with those, I am planning to write an article about the exhibition (and the overall partnership with CCW) for Haverford's newspaper, The Clerk. I am not sure what form this article should take (i.e., straight news, or more of a narrative format), but I am open to suggestions! I am going to try to gather as many quotes from the participants as I can during the next time we meet with CCW and at the exhibit itself. If it is ok with them and with the makers of the catalog, I might incorporate some of the "artist statements" into the article.  

Hopefully, the more publicity we gain for the event--including publicity that lives indefinitely as is true for anything that is published online nowadays--the more ingrained the collaboration with CCW will become in Haverford and Bryn Mawr culture. It would be awesome for the exhibit to become an annual event--if I am in the area next year I am definitely coming. 
Along the same vein, perhaps someone from the Bi-Co could also write an article on the exhibit?


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I think we should seriously consider getting a specific page on the Haverford website if at all possible. While I know we're not running anywhere near as long as What Can A Body Do, we are indeed putting a lot of time and energy into this. I think, for archival purposes, it would be great to have a record, via photographs, descriptive text, audio, and any other media we create for this, to create a direct record of all the work that we've done. We should also make sure that we have a copy of the exhibition guide available for download as a part of this.