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Exhibit Access

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As I mentioned in my previous post, physicla accessibility is a huge problem in the KINSC. There is no way to get to Zubrow without taking stairs or an elevator, even though it is theoretically on the ground floor when entering from Sharpless. Due to the rennovation that will be happening in Sharpless, I think it would be best the stear everyone in through the rotunda and avoid using Sharpless all together. From the rotunda entrance we need clear signage for those looking for an elevator as well as those who will take the stairs. Signs directing individuals to the bathrooms, water fountains, exhibit, and quiet space, should be at the elevator exit as well as the top of the stairs. If the writing center room is being used for some type of audience interaction project (such as videos), we could potentially use the lounge outside the chemistry offices on the second floor of the east wing. This is on the same floor as Zubrow but a little bit down the hallway so it will be a quiet place, and it already has comfy chairs. I think we should have some sort of tactile experience involved in the exhibit. At least for the petri dish project, many of us used 3D objects in our art that call out for you to touch, but may come off if you do. I'm not sure if having such an activity would end up with us having too much going on at the opening but it is something I wanted to consider.


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If the exhibit is going to be up during the first week of finals (which I think it is?), we may want to move the video into a space that will be accessible after they shut down Sharpless- not sure where the boundaries are but I can imagine that area being potentially a dangerous/ very noisy place.