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I re-joined the GIF conversation this morning after four months of living in Central and South America; it was a wonderful homecoming to the sort of lively backing-and-forthing that is I think the best of what i would call "researchable"; that is, of laying out our observations in public in order to make them open to criticism.

From my notes, what I found most interesting/helpful:

* given the height of human variability, there is NO GOLD STANDARD of communicable information

*the relationship between the domains of "truth" (knowledge-production) and "power" (control of access to resources, for finding truth) is a tight one, made tighter by the understanding that we NEVER (but NEVER) have all the resources/information we need to make informed choices

*there is always a leap, a guess between what we know and what-we-must-do (and this is what I think third-graders need to be taught...)

*given that some things are inherently more researchable than others, it is still important to work at "making researchable" those areas that have been thought not to be researchable

*"Do we make history, or does history make us??"