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Threads to discuss + some further interesting articles

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Sorry for the delay in posting this--I'm coping with hand injuries at the moment that are making communication difficult. 

Some threads for discussion I'd like to address for tonight are, as we've continued to discuss, about who gets to represent whom within disability--I'm constantly reminded of the phrase "nothing about us without us". Especially in the case of intellectual disability, this very frequently simply does not happen. 

This post, however, is a fantastic step towards remediating that.

A second thing is a fantastic article I've discussed multiple times, but never gotten around to posting before, is "The Girl Who Turned to Bone". Well worth the read.

There's also been a debate raging about gene editing we've mentioned and not gone to much yet.

Finally, we mentioned at one point the case of Mount St. Mary's and their survey--this is the original article on the subject:

Here is a follow up about the fallout:



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Just read through the article on Jeannie Peeper - thanks for sharing! It seems like a really cool example of the kind of collaboration that can happen between a person and their doctor*, and also just reinforces how critical forming a community can be. 

*Sidenote that working through my paper has me thinking about the sometimes problematic nature of the label "patient", so I'm consciously leaving it out of that sentence to see how that feels.