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The reflection of The Organic Food at Bryn Mawr

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Through this project, I experienced emotional up and down and also I understood people’s different reactions to the same situation.

In the first one or two months, I saw many international students cry missing their home countries but I had not cried at all since I enjoyed the life here so much. However, I cried for the first time here when my dean asserted me that I have no choice but keep on living in the dorm and eating the food in the dining hall when I told her that I wanted to live off campus to eat safer food. I was shocked because I studied and experienced about organic food and GMO food and felt uncomfortable to eat at the dining hall. This experience made me realize how important the food is to me.

I appreciate this project since it actually let me search deeply, take an action and finally get a permission to live off campus in the next semester. I would like to eat the food which was raised by the earth, the sun and the farmers’ love.

Also, it was surprising that my project partner had a different impression to the same interview, and she liked the dining hall more than before.

Even though it is important to tell your opinion to other people, I thought, it is after all individual who makes a decision as I learned from The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.

As for other presentations, I was impressed by the critical observation at the zoo. This is exactly the example of treating animals as "objective".


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Hey Yuri!

I really loved working with u for the last six weeks!:):) i really love and admire your propulsiveness and determination! Let's keep in touch!

With lots of love,


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Love you too! Looking forward to meeting you again after winter break.

I can't believe this smart girl is same age as my little brother....