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Arts of Resistance final event!

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Please use this as a space to continue our conversations and planning toward our 360 final event by posting your thoughts as comments to this post.  Thanks!

See my comment below for notes on our class conversation about all this today/Nov. 10.


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I've been playing around with the idea of the phrase "Yes And" as a way to describe the complexitites of both people and the PIC. If this exhibition is trying to expand upon and complicate what people know of the PIC and those who are affected by it (meaning all of us) then a possible way to think about it might be through this trope of 'Yes And'. "Yes you know these things about the PIC And here are other things you may not have consiedered..." "Yes these are some of the identities who face barriers in the PIC And here is a way to complicate those perceptions of these identities..." "Yes the PIC is a major issue today And here is the history of how these issues came to be..." "Yes this is what we are doing and what we are saying, And notice that we are saying it and the context and privilege we are utilizing as we say it..." Perhaps and interesting title would be "YES AND"

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Arts of Resistance

The Definition of Freedom

Yes, and…

An Outsiders Perspective, In

Prison Industrial Complex: Art Within and Out
Resistance: Arts, Prison, People, and the Complexity of Freedom

Freedom Forgotten: Works of Silence and Resistance

Freedom and Silence: Inside and Outside the PIC

Freedom Forgotten: Art Within and Out

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I don't know how the decision-making process is working for this, but "Freedom Forgotten: Works of Silence and Resistance" could be a good one or something like, "Forgotten Freedom: reflections on our journey inside [prison]."

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I wonder if we made a list of all of our different projects and then it might be easier to make a title that reflects what we are all doing

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I really like "Freedom Forgotten" since I believe one of the major issues now is how to raise consciousness among people in power who are unaware of their privilege. 

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My vote is for Freedom Forgotten: Works of Silence and Resistance. This seems to be both snappy and accurate, and I think incorporates all of our pieces quite well--as we discussed, even the pieces that are more factual and present the history of the PIC can be considered resistance in and of themselves. 

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I agree! I feel like it's broad enough that it can incorporate our wide range of pieces. 

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The title resistance has really grown on me so I vote for two including it--

Resistance: Arts, Prison, People, and the Complexity of Freedom

and the popular- Resistance: Arts, Prison, People, and the Complexity of Freedom

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Hello all,

Here are the notes I took during our class conversation today about what our final event.  Please feel free to add anything that I missed!

What are we trying to do with this event/what impact do we hope to have?

Call for reexamination -- now we have this info, what does that mean in terms of how we might move forward in relation to this issue?

What's the true function of prisons?

Some people recognize problems but don't necessarily see how these affect them/all of us; even if you don't know anyone in prison, this is important to all of us...

Having all of our work in the same space can provide a holistic experience re: incarceration and resistance.  Who is our audience?

Let people who do have connections to the incarceration system know they're not alone.

want to move people from thinking they know > embrace complexity, bring forth some of what's not spoken in mainstream media

Perception of having to wait to say something - no, we are saying something!

Worried that others won't recognize what we're saying... and this led us into talk about how to bring legibility/clarity to what we're saying while still recognizing/embracing complexity

We could have placards saying what each piece is going for.

Theme as descriptive of complexity of life inside.

Have two events - the exhibition of projects and something else - a demonstration?  a socrates cafe at site of exhibition?  This could involve lunch, tea, or whatever at site of exhibition and an ongoing conversation with several of us facilitating.

Do we need/want a central idea? 

Exhibit could reflect on what resistance means to us.

Kieres' project could be seen as necessary context for resistance. 

Even naming history is a form of resistance.

We're resisting the traditional narrative through these projects.

Who is in position to resist, and resistance against what?  We're privileged to be able to resist; others (including those inside) don't necessarily have that privilege.

How could those differences and questions be part of what we express?

What about not having a title at all, just presenting our work that's not necessarily cohesive?

But our work is not coming from a vaccuum...more about how resistance as a theme could be complicated and include a range of angles and possibilities.

Think about what committees might be necessary to moving this forward.  Also, Kieres will investigate spaces and get back to us. 

Use this serendip post/comments as a space to continue thinking about all this, and we'll also pick it up in class.



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I still do really believe in the idea of having a guiding theme, and want to continue to move in the direction of "resistance" and "freedom." I also still feel that all our projects are, in some manner, either depicting, creating, or facilitating resistance. And it seems that, in the spirit of desire-based, rather than damage-based thinking, using the concept of resistance and naming that will help us keep the spirit of the event in a forward-thinking direction, rather than one that simply displays a collection of horrible things about the PIC. With that in mind, I really like the idea that Jody brought up in regards to organizing the display in a sort of order, perhaps starting with Kieres's history and ending with Rosa's "imagine the US without prisons." This might also lead smoothly into Rhett's idea of hosting a Socrates Cafe, of sorts, as it will force the audience to grapple with big ideas like freedom and resistance. 

In terms of dividing up roles to move forward, while I do think that we first have to establish the general theme (if we have one) and name of the display, along with whether or not we want to include a Socrates Cafe or demonstration, it seems like it would be in our best interest to create small working groups sooner rather than later. We can have a group in charge of working on the Socrates Cafe, for example (figuring that all out, even though we'll all be involved in the actual event), another group in charge of kind of curating the space and determining its design (unless we get a curation student to do that with us), etc. This helped us all out a lot in the last 360, and it was all tied together by the "Bottom Liner" (Abby) who kept everyone on track and made sure decisions were being made in all of the subgroups.

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Hey so I'm sticking with the poster idea and I'm looking to purchase three 24x36 posters with my images on them. I've been shopping around I think vista print is the best choice price wise but will mean I'll need to get the images done early so they have time to printed and shipped. The cost looks to be coming out to $50.19 (not sure if tax is included). If this is too pricey I think I could do 2 posters and still make the statement I set out to do and in that case it would be $36.79

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For my painting, I bought a canvas and some new paints. The canvas was on sale for $13.62.  I also bought 5 paint colors, each for $6.92. I already had paintbrushes and a few other paints, so I will use those as well.  The total came to $51.11 with tax. 

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