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as promised: images from the silent exercise

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inspired by Mia Mingus, and directed by Shira and Joie on November 3


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Inspired by Mia Mingus's talk, Joie and I decided to do a silent conversation and exercise in both identifying what we find problematic about the world as well as envisioning the world we wish to create. The hope was to ground us in fighting not only against, but for things. We need to think about "the world as it is" and (re)act accordingly, understanding the world is not perfect. And we must guide our social justice work with a vision of what we want to create in the world. And of course the "world as it should be" board is bigger, because as much as we want to change in the world, we want to focus more on what we want to create. I drew the terms "world as it is" and "world as it should be" from the community organizing world of J Street U. In our work, we must act and react strategically in the world as it is and we are constantly guided by our vision of the world we wish to create. Thank you for a lovely silent activity and rich discussion!

Shirah and Joie