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Draft of Thursday lesson plan, week one 9/10

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I. Intro

  A. Names, pronouns, and answering a question (maybe, what brings you here today? or something lighter, more fun)

  B. Who we students are, why we are here

    1. From BMC, facilitating literacy group as a part of a class

  C. Describe course: Stories About the World, Stories About Us

    1. We'll decide as a group what current events we would like to discuss, bring in news articles about them and personal testimonies

    2. We will have reading (both individually and as a group) and writing as our main means of communication (as we are in a literacy group)

II. Current event of the week: Hurricane Katrina's 10 Year Anniversary

  A. Where were you in the world August 23-31, 2005 (roughly)? What do you remember? 

  B. Pass around photos, share information about the storm from our own research or having people contribute 


~~This is as far as we got today ! But we should plan on how to introduce the more specific topic: how differently black and white communities perceive the recovery of New Orleans since the storm... Incorporate reading articles and probably in-class writing IF we have the time. 


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Hi All,

This looks like a great lesson plan. A very solid start, especially considering it was your first class! A few thoughts for tomorrow when you meet to continue planning....
-It would be awesome if you could come up with a writing prompt based on the article (although we may or may not actually get to it).
-Can one of you volunteer to be responsible for preparing/bringing all the materials (print outs of the article, pictures, etc. + the materials that Anne/Jody/Joel will give you)? You can discuss if you want this to be the same person every week, or a rotating responsibility, but it is important that it is always clear whose job this is. I am happy to send a reminder text or email if that is helpful!
-What do you all think of putting some time aside to collectively come up with guidelines for the group? I imagine it would include things like be respectful, and don't put down other people's ideas. Whatever all participants (RCF and Bi-Co) think would make a comfortable, inclusive and engaging learning environment. We can also do this in the second week, when the group may (or may not :) be a little more set. You all decide which you think is better.

Happy planning. Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday! Please email or call me if you have any questions or want to chat.

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Question before we read article; discussion: Where were you Summer 2005?

Writing Prompt: What news had you previosly heard about Katrina? What are your reactions to the article? What do you think of the recovery and rehabilitation process post-Katrina?

*writing at the end (if there is not enough time) could be homework to be brought in and shared next week