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Warm Light

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Two days ago, excited and overwhelmed, I started the college dorm life with my roommate. We just came back from the Smore's party at that night, and one of our dormmates opened her door. She asked whether we would like to have a tea party with  them. Of coure we joined. My roommate went first when I went to the bathroom. When I came back to the room I was really amazed by the things on my desk, which is an owl light and a mug with olive-green pattern and a "C" in the middle. On the mug, there was a post-it written "gift from your roommate".  When I took that mug to the tea party, I surprisingly found the my roommate was holding a mug with a "S" and I suddenly realized that the mugs are couples because "C" for my name "Cecilia" and  "S" for her name "Sandra". At that moment, I just feel so sweet that I don't know how to express. After the tea party ended, we came back to our dorm and lighted up the owl light. However, it not only lighted the room but also lighted and warmed my heart. 


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You are the cutest thing ever, don't ever change. Merion 220s love you so much!

Your neighbours

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I know! Thank you guys!!!