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Final Paper Proposal

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For my final paper I would like to explore the ways in which teachers act within the system in order to provide the best education and opportunities for their students that they can. Throughout the class I have focused primarily on the systemic issues with public education and how those issues impact schools on a micro and macro level. In exploring a new perspective on how teachers try to subvert systemic inequalities I hope to gain a more dynamic understanding of the education system. The specific questions I am interested in is how do teachers form relationships with their students and to the best of their abilities create engaging and fulfilling material/assignments. Furthermore, how do teachers deal with the fact that the public education system will fail to support many of their students to the extent that it is needed? 


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I like the idea of your moving from a focus on systemic issues to a closer up look at how teachers do their work in the context of that (often problematic) system.  Note that this final field paper (distinct from the strategies for change paper due this Fri.) should be based largely in your field site experience.  So I'm assuming that you'll be looking at the teachers you work with at the site in addressing these questions.  I know that your site isn't public; how might that impact your framing of the question?