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Field paper proposal

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I am placed with a teacher I believe to be quite remarkable in the way she relates and engages with students. However, despite the many positive attributes to her teaching style, there are also aspects that are outdated. She has been teaching for thirty years and has not recieved adequate support to improve her teaching strategies even though she has actively sought out workshops and other ways to improve herself as a teacher. I would like to focus on what it means for teachers to be penalized for faulty classroom practices and not encouraged to change or revise their ways. Districts need to provide support to teachers regardless of whether it is their first year or their 30th year in the classroom and I would like to explore ways to make this possible.


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This is an extremely important topic, but I'm not clear on how much you'll be able to address it in the context of your field experiences this semester.  That is, how much of what you're asking about here have you seen/heard at your placement?  Is this an area about which you plan to interview your teacher, for example?  Let me know if you'd like to touch base about this.