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Field paper proposal

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for this paper, I would like to explore how project-based learning enhances or complicated the classroom and learning experience. The students at my placement are 9th graders and the first class in their high school, which uses alternative teaching practices like project-based learning in order to teach skills in a practical and interesting way. However, since most of the students have been used to a more traditional learning environment, these practices have required that they go through a process of "unlearning" in order to adapt, and many have had difficulty accepting/buying into the experience. I am interested in learning what they think of their project-based methods and what they feel they are getting out of them, or what they feel is missing from their classroom instruction if they don't feel they are getting enough out of it.


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So would you plan on using both observations and interviews/conversations?  And do you have a way to do some focus groups or one-on-one conversations with students to ask those questions?  It would also be great to hear from their teacher(s) about this topic, and of course you could draw on the principal's comments during our panel in class.  I'll be interested to read this!