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Course connections with Community Learning Day

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The Community Learning Day is very striking. I heard lots of wonderful ideas from different people and I have learned a lot from different people's difference perspectives. When I was eating lunch in haffner, I saw a professor who incessantly talked to people, sitting in the same table with him, about his thoughts of the issue of race and ethnicity. He kept talking until the last person left the table. I was surprised by his eloquence and his endurance of keep talking without a stop. Every one enjoyed Community Learning Day and they appreciated the opportunity of sharing their thoughts with other people. It impressed me a lot.

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In participating in Community Learning Day, I know different people's different perspectives on race and ethnicity. Having lunch in haffner today, I saw a professor incessantly talking to people sitting in the same table with him about his perspectives on today's topic. He kept talking and talking until only one person left. I appreciate that every one has an opportunity today to speak for himself/herself. From listening to other people's thoughts can we gain a lot and learn more a lot.