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Last Post on Contact Zone

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The project we worked on was on how cosmetics affected the contact zone which originally was supposed to revolve around us tracking which cosmetics people used and how that contact zone expanded based off sharing, kissing and what occasions they decided to wear it for. But it was difficult to find reasoning behind any of this without further researching the value makeup had and how it actually played into the meta-impression more. If we were to carry this forward more research would be required into how cosmetic companies identify their target market and what they use to appeal to them through advertisements and how this advertising is carried out through capitalism. To find how the meta-impression occurs we must find the root of it psychologically. I think another aspect to research is how valid a person’s impression truly is when asked or voiced to another person because of how they may be expected to react to the meta-impression of the consumer. Every ones presentations varied intensely and it really made me pay more attention to different actions of mine that I once considered very innocent or simply not harmful. Especially with clothing. I think part of the way I shop has a bit to do with the conspicuous consumption idea we presented but I think I’ll definitely be more aware of what I purchase and how my association with that item is affecting others.


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I agree with much of selena said about our project so I'm going to focus more on the presentations from my peers. Everyone did a relay interesting job but the presentations that stuck with me the most were the presentations about clothing, Urban Outfitters and Nike. Finding out this information has made me very aware of the impression I am giving off. Impressions were a big deal for me as far as entering into the contact some which is why Selena and I decided to start with that as a basis for our project. Although most people don't think about this negative connotations when they think about these brands, the fact that I am supporting them while knowing this information says a lot about me. In high school I had heard from a teacher that nike used sweatshops as a means of production and it literally went in one ear and out the other. But, for some reason it really had an impression on me because I just can't fathom making 33 cents a day. Knowing more information about it and seeing it presented on the screen and relating that back to the contact zone that I have with the people who make the products as well as the people who see me wear the brand has made me think twice about my consumer habits and who I'm supporting.