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"The Transformation of West Philadelphia High School: a story of hope"

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"This video from the International Institute for Restorative Practices includes interviews with staff and students of West Philadelphia High School, which was on Pennsylvania's "Persistently Dangerous Schools" list for six years, but has improved immensely, due to strong administrative leadership and the implementation of restorative practices."

Neil Geyette, the principal of the U School was a teacher at West Philadelphia High School and talks in the video. It's pretty short and very interesting! 


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So awesome that you shared this, Kathryn! :) Knew this about Mr. Geyette, but hadn't seen this video! "As a school that has a lot of social climate issues... building positive social culture is essential to the functioning of any school, so ... content and material mean nothing without relationships." I think this is super telling of the people that make up the vision behind The U School and I am really excited about that.