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Zine Making

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Thanks Katie! These are really helpful. 

Here's what I got from the articles that we need logistically in the zine:

  • Cover--colored heavy paper? What colors???
    • Title & subtitle
    • Blurb?
    • Cover image
    • "byline"-- that this is by the identity matters 360
  • Contents page
    • How will we divide the zine, if at all? E. G. Categories, topics, identities???
    • paging--titles with page numbers?
  • The media/main body of zine
    • essays/prose--new, reused, revised, whatever you feel comfortable with
    • mantrafestos/poetry?
    • artwork
    • other "multimedia" stuff--quizzes, games, interviews, comics?
    • anything else we'd like to include?
  • Ending matter
    • Overview/intro to what the 360 was about--could also be at the beginning¬†
    • mini author/creator bios, probably with pictures
    • Credits page--thanking people

Please do edit and add on to this--I know I've missed something. Can't wait to work on this with you all tomorrow!