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our last hurrah

As promised…here’s what we’ve sketched out so far--
"I think we shouldn’t aim to educate but to work with the community....
“it's especially important not to close off this discussion until we've made space for other voices.”

[or: Access? or Listening?]
A gallery show and intentional conversation,
hosted by the “Identity Matters” 360°.
Come and join us…

Tues, 12-9-Fri, 12/12:
our art work will be on display in the Campus Center main lounge
Noon-2 p.m. on Fri, 12/12:
the gallery will move to Rhoads Dining Hall,
to set the stage for a conversation
[about?  how specific is the topic? and who’s our audience?]
Food will be served!

Time Line for preparation:
Monday, Dec. 8: last portrait session in Kristin’s class
Tuesday, Dec. 9: install portraits and set out ‘zines
for distribution in the Campus Center main hall
Friday morning, Dec. 12: move portraits to Rhoads Dining Hall,
 and set up room for storytelling
Noon-2 p.m. Fri, Dec 12: listening to one another “represent”
[can everyone commit to being there for the full 2 hours?]
2 p.m: clean up, break down
(where/how will portraits be kept ‘til the villagers arrive on Monday?)

creating content for the ‘zine: all
putting together the ‘zine: Niki and Amelia (Sarah T can help w/ printing)
advertising: Gabby and Sula (Sarah T can help w/ distribution)
designing/explaining the display in the campus center: Rebecca
structuring the intentional conversation: Nkechi and Natalie
food: Sarah T?
set up? break down?
what else needs doing?
Abby, Kate, Rhett and Sophia—
we need you to weigh in and sign up ASAP.
--if it's alright with you, rebecca, I'd love to collaborate with putting together the display -bridget--
Kristin will speak w/ Sarah T re: use of space,
and mounting/protecting portaits in Campus Center--
and also pin down the schedule of how to get the ‘zine printed.

still under discussion: whether that ‘zine
will replace the final intersectional paper…


The 'Zine: Questions to Consider

- What are we including? Images of selected portraits, our own personal stories, web events, all of it?

- Once we decide on this, how/when should we send everything to Niki and Amelia? Perhaps setting a deadline would be best--Sunday?

- Do we want to use this space not just to include our own stories, but to pose questions that people might consider before attending the listening conversation event?


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Hey all! I really like the idea of a zine.. they have the potential to be very personal and informative while still compact and digestible. I don't know if this was discussed but we could include concepts we've learned (i.e. the meaning of a contact zone and how relevant that idea has been throughout the 360), topics we've discussed in all three classes, skills we've learned (i.e. step by step brief instructions on How to Listen by Monsoon and Benaifer), illustrations of our experiences ? (i.e. a sketch of our interactions w camphill community), snippets of conversations we've had that have been particularly impactful (only as much as we're comfortable with though), etc. etc. -- basically I'm just excited at how much potential there is in this!! 

The question was posed in this post : what else needs doing? I would happily join an already established team that thinks they need extra help (like putting together a zine sounds like a lot to ask of just two people!) but are there any other aspects of this project that need doing? Any ideas as to where Me, Kate, Rhett and Sophia can fit in? To all of those I just mentioned -- what are your thoughts on this? 

Also, what does this mean? : Noon-2 p.m. Fri, Dec 12: listening to one another “represent”

Thanks again for what seems like a very prodcutive and creative conversation everyone! I'm sorry I couldn't be there </3

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Just wanted to say that I love love love Rosea's ideas of what should be in the Zine. Taking the complex ideas we learned and turning them into something digestible? Perfect. Step by step instruction sof how to listen by Monsoon and Benaifer? Excellent. Along with everything else Rosea mentioned it seems like it would be a great mix of teaching and sharing. 

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Also love the zine idea! Something I suggested today in class that I'm getting on here so I don't forget: perhaps we can include the poems we co-wrote near the beginning of the semester (the "Mantrafestos"). Maybe we don't need to include all of them, but several? 

Another zine idea: can we capture a "360 conversation" in some way? Maybe include a brief transcript of a brief conversation? I'm thinking of how smalina pulled out the part of my notes from class where someone asked about "queering" and someone else asked "is that feminist" – i.e. can we capture in some way several lines of conversation that seem to really epitomize our 360 experience? I feel like that could be held in a loving and fun way within the form of a zine. I'll keep my ears open and my note-taking on. Would love to hear what others think.

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Hey! I went to a zine making workshop at A Camp! Put me on team zine with Nikki and Amelia. 

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maybe someone should take on this job? see bottomliner (from planning notes for last semester's story slam) for details...

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I'd love to be a "bottomliner" if we as a group think that's a valuable role! 

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Photography: Rebecca

Contact for sending Zine Materials: Niki 

Zine Team (Hereby referred to as the Zinesters): Niki, Amelia, Kate









Natalie & Nkechi 




Gabby, Sula, and Sophia




Art Supply Trip: Rhett, Niki, Natalie


Bottomliner: Abby