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Money Bridge

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I feel as if wealth widens yet connects the gap between education and access. High-income families can afford to spend a lot on their children’s education, so money plays an important role in education. Private tutoring, SAT prep courses, after school programs, etc. all cost money. The advantages that money can buy on tests, college applications, and high achieving grades are what is changing the definition of education as the bridge of success through hard work regardless of one’s income. It is often hard for disadvantaged students to believe that they can get out of poverty and go to school. Low income students are less likely to apply to private colleges and universities compare to their high-income peers. Private universities and colleges are also more likely to accept high achieving high-income students over their high achieving low-income peers. Not everyone gets the same equality when we take into the account of learning expenses and opportunities that come with it. Money can also be use as a bribe to access education. There are students who can afford to pay their way for a good grade. I even had a wealthy friend from China who wanted to pay me to write her college essay for her. I obviously refused the offer because of academic integrity, but she represents one of many students who use money to buy their way into education.





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You make a strong case for the link between money as an aspect of identity and access to education, especially elite and private education.  This way in which education "reproduces" the status quo in terms of class is powerful and hard to interrupt, and yet also crucial to interrupt, I think.  While acknowledging class as a powerful determinant of educational access, do you also see ways in which we can interrupt and change this, not only for individuals but also more broadly for people with lower incomes?  In what ways does Posse aspire to and/or accomplish this, or not, and why?